Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve suspended all events, classes and lessons at Five Points Training until further notice. Please practice social distancing, wash your hands and stay home as much as possible so we can return to “normal” as soon as possible. We do have online options available if interested. Please inquire if so. Stay safe and healthy everyone!


We offer varying levels of dog agility classes geared for handler/dog teams that intend on competing.


Tour our 5600 sq/ft artificial turfed dog agility training building located in Rush, NY.


Learn more about the Five Points Training team (two and four legged).


Dog agility is a growing dog sport the truly requires teamwork between the handler (person) and their canine athlete partner. It’s a perfect sport for dogs that have a lot of energy and a willingness to learn. Joel and Lori Basa started training dog agility as a place to bring their athletic dogs to exercise both mind and body. It grew from a hobby to a true passion. Dog agility is a great activity for an active dog and person that increases the bond between you and your canine companion and is simply FUN! At Five Points Training, we want to share our knowledge of this growing sport of dog agility with you and your dog.

We offer a variety of dog agility classes at our location outside of Rochester, NY. Whether you are new to dog agility or are an established team, we have a class that fits your needs. We offer both group classes and private lessons that best fit you and your dog’s learning style. Our dog agility program starts with building a solid set of foundation skills that will allow you and your dog to transition to running courses (handling).

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