Building and Class Policies

We take great pride in our facility and gladly welcome our community to enjoy it. Our commitment to maintaining a safe and well-kept environment is essential, and we hope that you will join us in upholding these standards. Please take a moment to review the policies outlined below.

Our Outdoor Field and Indoor Arena

Majority of our classes will be held indoors but on occasion we will work in our outdoor field.

Arriving to Class

Please aim to arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled class time. Prior to entering the building or utilizing our outdoor field for training, please ensure your dog has been given the opportunity to relieve themselves.

Crating and Seating

Please remember to bring your own crates for your dogs. You have the option to use these crates indoors or even crate your dog outside from your car, provided your dog does not excessively bark, and the outdoor conditions are safe for crating.

It’s important to note that when it’s not your turn, you must crate your dog.

Additionally, we offer the option to crate your dog inside the building.

Please be aware that seating is limited, so if you prefer to have a chair during the class, kindly bring your own.


To ensure cleanliness on both our indoor and outdoor turf areas, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Please bring two pairs of shoes: one designated for outdoor use and dog-related activities, and the other specifically for running on our turf. This separation is essential to prevent the transfer of dirt and debris onto the turf.
  2. If you utilize the outdoor field, please take a moment to wipe your shoes clean before exiting the field. This simple step will help minimize the tracking of dirt beyond the designated area.
  3. Be particularly mindful of entering the building with shoes that may carry dirt, as this could compromise the cleanliness of our indoor spaces.

Your cooperation in maintaining a clean environment is greatly appreciated.

Treats and Rewards

We highly recommend using rewards like food and toys in our facility. However, we kindly request that you avoid using crumbly food. If any accidental food drops occur while rewarding your dog, please ensure that you promptly pick them up. Additionally, as a suggestion, it’s beneficial to use food treats that are easily visible on our green turf.

“Pottying” Your Dog and “Accidents”

To ensure a clean and pleasant environment, we kindly request that you follow these guidelines:

Exercise your dog before, after, and between your time in the ring. While we understand accidents can happen, please make an effort to minimize this possibility.

In the event of an accident, please inform us immediately, and we will handle the cleanup. If your dog does have an accident, there will be a “potty accident fee” of $25 to cover the cost of cleaning supplies and the time lost during class.

When your dog needs to relieve itself, please ensure you clean up after them. We have provided a “poop bucket” on-site for your convenience. Please place used bags inside the bucket. It’s crucial to maintain the cleanliness of our grounds.

When exercising your dogs, please keep them away from the building, fences, and other structures. Additionally, make sure they are a sufficient distance away from the front and back of our house. We have designated areas like “Piles of Rocks” and “Sticks” that are ideal for your dog to use for this purpose.

Bitches in Season

Currently, we permit female dogs in season to participate in training at Five Points Training under the condition that they wear “panties” and receive prior approval from Five Points Training before attending their scheduled class.

Weather and Cancellations

In case of uncertain weather conditions that may affect driving, we will send notifications via email (and Facebook) three hours prior to the start of class. We recognize that the weather conditions in our area may differ from yours. If you decide not to attend due to weather concerns, please inform us and prioritize your safety.


For daytime a-la-carte class participants, if you enroll in a class at the beginning of a session, you are obligated to pay for that class whether you attend or not.

For evening classes and blocks of classes, payment is required for all scheduled classes, regardless of attendance. We do not “sell” spots in the event you cannot make class.

Please note that we may make exceptions to our payment policy in rare circumstances. If you believe you have a situation that warrants special consideration, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with us.

Payment should be made before the start of class. We accept cash, checks, or online payments. Checks should be made out to “Five Points Training” and can be deposited in the red box located near the entryway. While check payments do not need envelopes, please ensure that cash payments are enclosed in an envelope with your name, the class date, and the class name clearly indicated.

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