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We offer a varying levels of agility classes for both experienced teams and those that are just starting. We divide our classes into “Handling Classes” and “Foundation Classes.” Please see the descriptions below to see what class best fits you.

Handling Classes (Listed from Most Difficult to Least Difficult)

This class is appropriate for experienced teams looking to add to their handling toolset. Best for dogs that are competing at the highest levels of the various agility venues. Course analysis and testing/pushing your handling skills is the focus of this class. Full courses are used many some international handling style challenges incorporated.

For up and coming teams looking to develop teamwork and refine handling. Best for dogs that are competing at the higher levels of the various agility venues. This class will often spend time refining an individual skill then incorporating that skill into full courses.

For teams that have developed a solid foundation of handling and are on the cusp of moving to the highest levels of competition. Full courses used to continue refinement of their handling system.

For teams that have recently debuted in competition or are looking to debut in the near future. Focus will be on shorter courses to build a consistent handling system.

Foundation Classes (Listed from Most Difficult to Least Difficult)

For teams that have understanding of individual obstacles and have already built a solid foundation on the ground. This is to begin short sequences and to start understanding and developing a handling system.

For teams continuing to build solid foundations on the flat but introduces all obstacles. Teams should have an established reward system.

For teams introducing foundations on the flat and building a reward system. Focus will be on create drive, understanding re-inforcement zone and creating a great working relationship.


Foundation Classes

$25per class
  • We offer three levels of foundation classes for puppies and young dogs. These classes are ideal to those starting agility.

Handling Classes

$20per class
  • We offer a variety of handling classes including: Masters Handling, Young Masters Handling, and Novice. See the descriptions above for more information.

Private and Group Lessons

$50per hour
  • One on one instruction for you and your canine partner. You choose the skills you want to focus on and we customize the session for you. Team up with others to form a group private lesson.