Building and Class Policies

We are very proud of our facility and are happy to share it with our friends. We try our best to keep the building maintained and hope you would too. However, here are a few policies we want to share.


Please use clean footwear on our turf. It’s best to bring a change of shoes: one pair for walking outside/pottying your dog and another for running on our surface. Just in case you track in the “great outdoors.”

Use of Equipment

Please treat our equipment as if it’s your own. You are free to move tunnels, the table jumps and weave poles but please refrain from moving the A-frame, Dogwalk and Teeter without the presence of Joel or Lori.

Food Treats and Rewards

We encourage use of rewards (food and toy) in our building. However, please minimize crumbly food. When rewarding your dog, please be sure to pick up an accidental food drops. Also, more of a recommendation, when using food, it’s good to use a food treat that is visible on our green turf.

“Pottying” Your Dog

Please exercise your dog before, after and between your time in the ring. We realize accidents do happen but do your best to minimize this chance. If an accident does occur, please talk to us and it is your responsibility to help clean. We have supplies available.

When “pottying” your dog, please “pick up” after. There is a “poop bucket” and a scooper for your convenience. It’s important we keep our grounds clean. Also, please exercise your dogs away from the entry doors.

Bitches in Season

Because of our surface, we have a strict policy to not allow Bitches in Season to train in our building. If you have questions, please us know.

Weather and Cancellations

In the event of inclement and questionable driving weather, we will be sure to communicate via e-mail (and Facebook) 3 hours prior to class start times. However, we understand, “our weather” here is not always “your weather” there. In those cases, please be sure to notify us if you choose to not brave the weather. Please be safe. You will not be charged for class in those cases.


Payment is due prior to class. We accept cash or check. Please make checks payable to “Five Points Training.” Please place your payment in a provided envelope and place in the red box near the entryway. Envelopes can be found near the red box. You may notice envelopes have names written on them from prior usage but we’re trying to be a tiny bit environmental so please reuse! On the envelope, please write your name, date, class and the amount you have included.