Training Checklist

We’re excited you’ll be joining us for some training fun! There are a few things you should bring and you should know and do during your time with us. Please review the checklist below prior to coming to class!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Things To Bring

  • Change of shoes meaning a pair of clean shoes for the turf and a pair for taking your dog outside.

  • A variety of non-crumbly high and lower valued treats

  • Your dog’s favorite toys

  • Water and water bowl

  • Leash

  • Chair to sit in

  • Dog crate

  • A great attitude and willingness to learn!

Things To Do

  • Potty your dog prior to coming into the building.

  • Potty your dog away from the building entrances.

  • Clean up after your dog.

  • Crate your dog while it is not your turn.

  • Minimize barking while your dog is crated. Bring chew toys, bones, etc. that will keep your dog occupied while crated.

  • Be sure you change your shoes and ensure they are clean before entering the ring.

  • Be prepared to run and have FUN with your dog!